Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC)

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Venue: Sharm el-Sheikh                              Date: 13.03.2015 to 15.03.2015

1520819_1087312361284157_5678480560513321166_nThe Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) offers a unique opportunity to further understand the investment opportunities available in Egypt and share your views with heads of state, ministers, CEOs, diplomats and investors from around the world. This unprecedented gathering of Egypt’s international partners will send a clear signal of confidence to domestic and international investors alike.

The Arab Republic of Egypt has done much in the past year to restore political stability, revive economic activity, and respond to the most pressing needs of its people. Far-reaching reforms to reduce energy subsidies, put public finances on a sustainable path, and streamline the business environment reflect the Government’s intention to establish a solid foundation for growth.

Building on this momentum, the Government of Egypt is launching an ambitious investment program so that Egypt can realize its full economic potential and generate employment. This program will help fulfill the aspirations of the Egyptian people and enable Egypt to play a critical role in rebuilding prosperity and stability for the region. Key sectors targeted include oil & gas, power, housing, transportation & logistics, mining, tourism, information technology & telecommunications, industry and agriculture.

The EEDC will provide a platform for the Government of Egypt to elaborate on its macroeconomic vision and program, present the action plans for the abovementioned sectors, and explain the concrete initiatives underway to transform the business climate. The conference will also offer global business leaders and investors a venue to help shape the reforms to come and to be among the first to engage in attractive investment opportunities.

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