Sharm Women Clinic

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Sharm Women Clinic 

Dr. Ibrahim Yehia Nasr – Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology Vienna University  

icon-location Khazan street next to French School – Hadaba – Sharm El Sheikh
+2 0100 540 4646 – +2 01000 22 717

  1. Valeria Reply

    you should put this criminal doctor out in the street. Four years ago I had a misscarriage and needed to do a “clean ” with Dr. Ibrahim. I went alone. He sexually abused me while I was on anesthetics. I saw it all, but couldnt do anything because I was sedated. He told my husband that I was allucinating. Dr. Ibrahim is a criminal and a rapist and the only place where he belongs is in jail . Now I am finally out of Egypt, where i couldnt do anything about it because of the laws against women. I am now back in Europe and will proceed to denounce him to the International Medical Tribunal. Get ready Dr. Ibrahim. I will do my best to make you loose your medical licence, and hopefully also your freedom. This doctor destroyed my life, physically and mentally, I will not let him do the same to other women.


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